Our expertise

In Industry

Tailora puts its expertise at your disposal to contextualize and dramatize your products, processes and projects.Thanks to immersion technologies, you have a "turnkey" solution to present in an interactive, visual way the operation, the configuration of your know-how.Our objective is to accompany you in order to consolidate a unique experience in line with your commercial, communication and training DNA.

Our expertise in Industry covers three key themes


Selling is a crucial aspect of the development of your business, requiring regular questioning to be as close as possible to the expectations of your customers, prospects and partners.

Our in-depth analysis of your commercial DNA and the specificities of your activity allows us to offer you tailor-made digital solutions to equip your sales forces.

Immersion technologies allow you to dramatize your know-how, argue interactively on your strengths. With this expertise, we provide you with a multitude of features to build your sales support.


The transmission of “business gestures” is a key factor to be mastered by your current and future teams.

Immersion technologies allow your interlocutors to practically practice the right actions to operate on your products and processes. The objective is to guarantee efficient use and maintenance of your products and processes. Our expertise makes it possible to provide you with the content and experience developed to measure, adapted to your know-how.


The art of communicating your values, your know-how and your brand image goes through the creation of new efficient experiences based on three pillars: visual quality, content interactivity, easy distribution of the experience.

Discover our “turnkey” solutions to communicate with differentiation with your environment.


Our know-how in IT development allows us to exploit our experiences thanks to a multitude of supports:

Mobile application (iOS/Android), Software (PC/MAC), Streaming software (Tstream), Application for immersive headset.

Tactile table



Immersive Headset

For each medium, users will benefit from different interactive content and experiential features


A wide range of interactive content and experiential features

Product, process or project virtualization.

Découvrez l’extérieur d’un bâtiment / de votre projet

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Product configurator

Virtual configurator of a product, project by presenting all the options, packs, accessories.

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2D/3D Animation

Understand how a product, process or project works thanks to virtual animations.

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Augmented Reality

Project the virtual contents created in a real space. An asset to appreciate the size of the product in a real context.

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CGI Rendering

Creation of a visual presenting a product, project or process.

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Back Office

Manage the content and information present on the solution thanks to a back-office manager or creation of APIs with your existing systems.


More than 50 projects for this sector of activity