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Meister Engineering commissioned Tailora to develop software to help with the marketing and communication of these products.With the "R80 Series 7" application, the user discovers interactively the configurations available to virtually create the motorcycle of your dreams.Each assembly of the vehicle is faithfully represented in order to present the wide range of options available: saddle, colors, type of fork, etc. This configurator can be viewed in virtual or augmented reality allowing the user to project the configured motorcycle on a 1:1 scale.This experience is accessible on a dedicated mobile application or on the customer's website.

Project name
Industry - Product - R80 Serie 7
Meister Engineering
Mobile App (iOS/Android), Webgl
Mobile App Virtual reality Augmented reality Product Configurator Industry Sales Marketing Webgl Application mobile iOS/Android Configurateur Produit Produit
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Virtual reality
Virtual reality
Product configurator
Product configurator
Augmented reality


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