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Office - WI! (Welcome Inside)

February 2018

Client: Foncière Atland
Support: iOs and Android app - Available on App Store & Google Play, software PC (.exe) and Mac (.app)
Fonctionnalités: Interactive map plan, augmented reality, building virtual tour, inside virtual tour of a common floor, inner and outer orbital view, image gallery

"Welcome Inside" project is a tertiary real estate operation offering more than 4,000 m² over 7 floors in Montreuil. An ambitious renovation from a building dating from the 70s.

On the edge of Paris and taking advantage of a new quality architectural ensemble, our team has developed a mobile application (iOS / Android) presenting all the advantages of this asset: a dynamic environment, sought-after architecture, great ease and flexibility of interior design.

The objective is to offer the teams in charge of marketing the project, an interactive mobile support offering a fine and fun user experience thanks to the augmented and virtual reality system. Thus, each user can project themselves inside a witness floor through a virtual visit in real-time 3D, or even discover the whole building and all of its floors. The pleasant living environment offered could be represented through two orbital views: one on the terrace and the other in the reception hall.

The success of this operation was also praised by the press through three articles in the specialized press.

Interested ? Don’t wait any longer and download now « WI ! »’s app on your mobile device.