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Process - Cable Box

Novembre 2017

Client: MTB Recycling
Support: Mobile App IOS et Android, PC/Mac Version
Fonctionnalités: Process Modeling, Environment Modeling, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reaity, 3D Animations, Gallery.

MTB recycling is a manufacturer specializing in waste treatment machines for the recycling and recovery of non-ferrous metals. Each of the machines is therefore specialized. Depending on the material or waste to be treated, the experts recommend the appropriate machine to use.

The growing international development of the company has brought new challenges and important product innovations. During the launch of the new "Cable Box" processing process, the management wanted to provide its sales forces and partners with an immersive sales support tool that dramatizes the innovation process.

Ready to use, the CABLE BOX integrates a complete cable recycling line in 3 combined containers, two of which are 20 ’and one 40’. This modular system is a combination of 3 BOXes: the Shred'BOX (granulation system) the Sort'BOX (sorting system) and the R'BOX (suction system). The application allows users to discover the different aspects and advantages of this system through interactive 3D content and a fine projection in augmented reality. This "turnkey" solution makes it possible to enter all the technical characteristics and understand the operating mode.

This immersion device makes it possible to have an interactive sales pitch, a high-quality virtual experience that can be used in the sales and communication processes.

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